Winter Oak Work :-)

Hurray, the website of Robur at The Oak has been updated!

That is, just the Flemish/Dutch version for now. It’s much more work than you’d think, so the English version will be adjusted this year, depending on the time available. (Non-Flemish/Dutch speaking followers can temporarily let Google Translate do the trick on the Dutch version. – At your own risk. :-)).

Take a curious look at the (Flemish) website, and find answers in the “Frequently Asked Questions“.
Do you still have an unanswered question? Let us know!


And The Oak launched a campaign…

… which he would like to bring to your attention.
After all, it’s well possible that the completion of the entire project depends on the success of:

CAMPAIGN 1 euro for Robur

Become the key to completing Robur!
You don’t feel it, but for the project it means a lot!

– make a standing order of a monthly micro amount (1 to 5 euros) for the non-profit organization Robur at The Oak. You won’t feel 12 euros a year!
———————— Robur op Den Eik vzw
———————— IBAN: BE82 5230 8087 7968
———————— BIC / SWIFT: TRIOBEBB (Triodos Bank)
———————— Mention: Campaign 1 euro for Robur
– inspire at least three friends to do the same
– spread this campaign far and wide
– and discover through the Newsletter (or a visit) how much impact your small gesture has!

The impact of this big small Campaign depends entirely on how many people participate in it. So, personally speaking to your family, friends and acquaintances is the key to its success!
Anyway, Robur at The Oak is always happy and grateful with all current and future support!


Another winter track!

image003_robursdoelThe non-profit organization has set up a letter specifically aimed at care providers in the healthcare sector: psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, therapists, coaches — in short, those people that are most likely treating people with an (upcoming) burnout. The letter invites to a possible far-reaching collaboration with Robur at The Oak. It can be found on the website, and can be freely downloaded and shared with your own GP, coach, therapist, and acquaintances and friends in the healthcare sector who are involved in the prevention of burnout and the support of people with burnout.
NOTE: This letter only exists in Flemish/Dutch. Let us know if you want an English version!

Helping with this means some essential help for the growth and further development of Robur at The Oak! Many thanks!


And for those who like to learn to build ecologically…

… there is the Workshop Tadelakt, from 5 through 7 April. Wolf Jordan and Marieke have already started the preparations. Be quick if you really want to participate, space is limited! You can also choose to come for only one or two days – well, all the information is available now, quickly check it out!
If you take part, you not only learn a very interesting and ancient technique under an inspired guide, but you also help Robur and the non-profit organization — profound thanks!


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