“And how was it?”

The Open House Days are over and everyone has recovered a bit. The ‘normal camp life’ at The Oak resumes its course. Boy, it takes a lot to organise such an event… But good it was (thanks to the help of many!), which can be seen from this small photo report.

Robur at The Oak received a large oak disc for its inscription (see logo!)

Casual passers-by, neighbours, family and friends came to visit and enjoyed delicious pancakes …

For children, old and young, it was a paradise – with and without old traditional folk games.

There were all sorts of workshops (yoga, making dream catchers, origami, music, …) and a guided walk in the beautiful surroundings of The Oak.

The volunteers and the campers enjoyed a tasty world cuisine and the connecting Fireplace (where the Spirit of The Oak is the strongest :-)), sometimes with music.

Wood artist Jan van Berkel showed the two beautiful bowls/platters that you can win (see website).
And the continuous presentation in Robur…


… was only interrupted on Saturday for the highlight of the weekend: a much enjoyed coffee concert by the internationally known violinist of ours, Jenny Spanoghe, who played compositions by Bach, Biber, Van Landeghem and others for an attentive audience of all ages.

Also writer Kirstin Vanlierde contributed (article in Flemish), thanks!

What did the open house days return? Many fine, connecting moments for young and old, a nearly perfect cooperation (organized within a month and a half!), pleasant chaos, neighbours and passers-by who got to know the project (better), and about 550 euros, enough to feed the international volunteers over the next two or three months.

And last but not least, a link (also only in Flemish) to something beautiful, Robur gets another present – because he is worth it!

Who’s next? 😀


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